Welcome to the MaxMach FAQ Site! Here you will find documents and answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about Roll forming machine,Steel structure machinery and Steel Large mechanical parts and accessories ...


Are you manufacturer?

Yes, we are manufacturer and trading company.

What kind of payment term you can do?

We are flexible about payment terms, we can help you on financing also, please contact us for details.

What info you need before you make the proposal for a roll forming machine?

The profile drawings, material informations, your special requirements.

What I should do if I just start to know roll forming machinery?

Contact us immediately, we provide free consultant pre-sales service.

How do you do QA?

We have team do Strict QA. (e.g. we alwayscheck every roller to make sure its in the range of tolerance).

How to be an agent of MaxMach?

We are always looking for professional agent of roll forming machinery, contact us immediately.


What is the raw material of the roller?

45# Stell with Cr45

And what is the dimension of roller?

Depends on the actual product size

Which kind of de-coiler should be for this line? ?

Hydraulic expanding/Manual expanding/

What is the capacity of decoiler? ?

(Usually if the material is more than 5t, it should be equipped with

loading car)

What is the consumption of whole line (the total pwer/oil consumption)

Depends on actual machines

What is  the roll foring speed/the cutting speed?

5-12 m/min

What is the thickness of the raw material?

Depends on the clients requirement

What is the yield strength of the raw material?

Q 235/Q 345

Usually how many persons should be sent for installation?

2-3 person

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