In MAXMACH Roll Forming we believe that build long-term partnerships with our clients is the most important asset of our company, therefore we have a very strict policy to always offer the product that best fits your business requirements at the best quality in the market.



Our Experience

With over 30 years experience, our company has been established as one of the largest and most renowned factories in the field of tube mill line manufacturing in China. Our large history is evidence of the confidence that our clients have placed in us

2-Our Certifications

In Hangzhou Roll Forming Machine, we strictly implement the ISO9001 quality control system. We own the domestic first-class level of technical content. Trough the establishment of cooperation with many scientific research institutions and universities, we produce high quality products that have been qualified with the GMC and the ISO9001 certification

High Quality Materials

We select the best materials for each part of our machines in order to provide you long-lasting machines. Cr12, Qt50, 20CrMnTi, 40Cr. We also produce the 90% of the parts that compose the machines.


Strict Quality Control

In contrast to many other machine manufacturers in China, we do NOT skip any step of the process of production. Our technical staffs supervise the whole process of production to ensure that no future problems will occur with the functioning of our machines.



We also use advanced equipment, which allows us to work with a high precision and to manufacture machines customized according your necessities.


Our Quality Is Also In Our Services

Our professionally trained sales team is on hand to assure the quality and effectiveness of your machine purchase.
We will attend and manage your orders and enquiries very carefully to assist you in choosing the best machine to fit your needs and also to help you to save more during your business.After the purchase we won’t forget you!
In our company we believe that the after-sales service is as important as the service provided during the purchasing.

Professional And Fast Solutions

The Technical Department and Sales Department are working coordinately to achieve the best solution for you and attend faster your requirements.
Our team is committed to bring you professional and fast solutions that will meet your business requirements, helping you to produce tangible business outcomes for your company
    MaxMach (Registered under the name of Hangzhou Roll Forming Machinery